Citizens Protect Elections

Systemic election corruption is a national security issue that has America and Michigan on a trajectory towards tyranny.  The citizens must get involved in restoring integrity to our election system.  This presentation outlines the primary ways each person can help with this critical work.

Find RESOURCES related to Elections and Voter Information HERE.


Poll challengers play a critical volunteer role in protecting our election system against fraud.  Challengers may be appointed by a political party or other credentialling organization to work at polling locations, early voting sites, absent voter counting boards or clerk’s offices.  This training helps prospective poll challengers understand their rights, so they can fill this role confidently and effectively.

Find PDF of Michigan Election Laws for Poll Challengers HERE.


Find the 18-chapter Michigan Election Officials’ Manual HERE.  This presentation is the accompanying curriculum outline for the accreditation of election officials in Michigan.  Included topics: Structure of Michigan’s Elections System, Voter Registration, Candidate Filings and Financial Disclosure Requirements, Write-In Candidates, Precinct Delegate Candidates, Absent Voter Process, Federal Registration and Absentee Voting Programs, Absent Voter Ballot Processing, Election Ballots, Preparation of Voting Equipment, Election Day, Precinct Canvass Closing the Polls, Appointing and Training Election Inspectors, Establishing Voting Precincts and Polling Places, Election Dates and School Election Coordination, Pre and Post Election Information, Legal Remedies, Recall Process